A Pinterest Crime Ring

by Meghan Medford in

I am a lover of Pinterest, don't get me wrong. But sometimes looking at what people pin, re-pin, and comment on just makes me want to throw my computer out of the window and give up.

Someone just pinned an "edible baby Jesus" snack. Time to pack up. The world is over.

24 people liked that, by the way. And almost eight times that many re-pinned it to share with their friends. Or put it on their "Sacrilegious Snacks" board. 

I think Pinterest is a great way to find resources, get exposure for brands and products and find overall inspiration. Even overalls inspiration:

 But I can't help but believe there's a hoard of stay-at-home moms somewhere in the Midwest that create some of these pins just for kicks and giggles. Like a, "lets see if we can really get someone to make a picture frame out of an egg carton" kind of thing. I imagine it as some serious gambling/betting ring or something. I bet there are a bunch of women in applique cat sweaters in someone's basement somewhere in South Dakota angrily betting over what outrageous craft/DIY disaster they can force to gain popularity. I bet it gets pretty heated. Probably not Wolf of Wall Street heated, but there have to be least a few profanities and five dollar bills being tossed around. And maybe midget throwing, if they're into that sort of thing. (It's in the book. I'm not a terrible person)

Looking back, maybe I've thought about this a little too much?

Anyway, sometimes when I'm bored, I scroll through my entire pin page until the pins stop and it tells you something like, "Oops! Nothing more here!" And you have several reactions:

- What did I just do with the last hour of my life? All that scrolling and I saw the same Olivia Palermo picture 19 times?!
- The internet ends? The internet doesn't end.

But life goes on and if you're still really bored or trying to avoid something/someone, you start digging through the abyss that is, what I like to call, the Pinterest Purgatory

The pins that I see are tailored to fit me because, a. my friends have good taste and b. if they don't, I stop following their pins. So my Pinterest homepage is filled with beautiful rooms, models wearing clothes I can never afford and an abundance of engagement rings. 

But when that bores me, I find the most entertainment by simply typing the words "DIY", "Craft" or "Cute" into the search bar. And this is where the Midwestern Mamas have hit their stride. You see, Pinterest isn't just filled with beautiful clothes, expensive weddings and professional bathroom remodels. There is a scary, scary place where bad ideas go to die. And rightfully so. Just some examples:

Forget Beanie Babies - Brainy Beanies are all the rage!!

You know that they sell lampshades at Target, right? And they're cheap?

This has to be a Midwestern creation. 

No. Stop. What is the point of this. What possible use could this have?

With 600+ re-pins on that last one, some Midwestern-cat-loving-mama probably made a good chunk of change. 

I have a good feeling that if I ever become a stay-at-home mom, I would resort to this - scheming with my fellow cardigan-set-wearing friends about a new concept for pipe-cleaner pillows while taking advantage of the "honor system" wine at Macaroni Grill. Dream big guys, dream big.