A Poor Girl's Moving Announcement

by Meghan Medford in

I think it’s no secret that I don’t have a lot of money. I love my job to death, but until I get to an Anna Wintour status, I will be eternally be shopping like I’m still twenty-one

The one good thing about living off of cereal and peanut butter for the last few days before your direct deposit clears is that you get extremely creative. And sometimes a little bit crafty. 

I think its equal parts Mimi and my mom that have brainwashed me into believing that handwritten thank-you notes and cards are the way to go. Someone’s gotta keep snail mail in business, I guess.

Since my workload was light yesterday, I decided to impress my Mimi and mother by sending out moving announcement cards. I hadn’t practiced cursive handwriting in years, so I wasted about fifty trees in my early attempts. But I’m fairly pleased with the results - and all done with a sharpie and an Instagram picture (of course). 

I had some pretty atrocious puns before I landed on this one. Things involving birds, nests, NASA, etc. Luckily I scrapped them before landing on this one. You’re welcome, Mimi.