Who is Mimi?

by Meghan Medford

Mimi is my grandmother. Not just any grandmother, mind you.

This is the woman that inspired me to learn everything I could about decorating, designing, cooking, and how to be a general grade-A hostess.

She is the one that dedicated a cookie recipe to yours truly in her A Very Texas Christmas cookbook (although until a few years ago, I wasn’t entirely comfortable on how to ensure chicken was cooked thoroughly - another story for another time. Spoiler alert: it ends badly).

She is the one that trained me to have a discerning, if not highly critical eye for color, texture, lines and timeless style. This works out well for me, as she has “lent” me some of her very nice furniture pieces for my post-college residences. I think I’m the only poor girl out there that didn’t have to sell half her wardrobe or donate plasma to have a genuine Knoll Barcelona chair in their living room - so thanks, Mimi!

She is also the one that would let me sew on her very expensive Pfaff sewing machine to make my very own, custom Medieval Day costume for a 6th grade project. (I subsequently spilled Sprite all over it that day and ruined the fabric, but who is really even surprised by that?)

My amazing grandparents.

My amazing grandparents.

I recently became a homeowner, (yes, I’m just as surprised as you are) and since my grandmother is currently 200 miles away in north Texas, this is my opportunity to keep her (my grandfather and other family and friends too!) updated on my progress for my first “big girl” house. It might also be my way to stay sane, as having 4 to-do lists and inspiration images in several separate notebooks, binders, an iPhone and an iPad is clearly not the most logical, efficient or even effective way of getting things done or keeping track of what my decor plans are.

So welcome to the party. I promise lots of color, style, milestones, a little bit of disaster and probably a few tears.