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Dear People of the Internet Hoping to Read About Another Personal Failure,

This will be a disappointment.

I know most of you come here to read about the never-ending, sad saga that is being Meg, but the past two weeks have been almost entirely drama-free. That being said, now you know why I haven't updated my blog lately. Life is significantly more boring when you're not crying into the phone to your home warranty company, or killing your indoor plant, or buying an outrageously expensive sofa on the wrong credit card. And part of me just didn't want to let you down, you know? I love you readers (mom & dad), but I'm not about to go and make trouble for myself just to write about it. So I thought I'd christen the blog with a story of success for once. Hold on to your hats.... well, no, actually you don't have to.... it's probably not that mind-blowing-ly interesting. 

For starters, I'm loving my new job. And I know its only been three weeks in, but finding something that excites me and keeps me continuously motivated and curious is a wondrous and mesmerizing thing - like Kim Kardashian's new platinum hair. You just can't look away! I've gotten to be a part of some pretty stellar projects already, so I can't wait to see what the next few months have in store - and how many more times Kim's hair will change in the meantime too.

But with this new job comes some definite, "I NEED THAT" moments. It doesn't help when you're assisting to source for a project and come across the most beautiful furniture and accessories that are so out of your budget that they might as well only be available with a purchase of a ticket for Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space airline. Yeah, I'd go to the moon for some of these things. 

Take these lamps, for example:

Never mind that its $600+ (on sale!). I NEED THESE. Yes, these as in plural. Because a lamp this good you want to be able to look at two of them at the same time, like a soothing Mary-Kate and Ashely effect that speaks to the 90's kid that still is very much a part of me.

I know that most of you are hoping that I bought two (or four) of them anyway, and put them on the wrong credit card (again) or just flat out stole them just to make a decent blog post out of this. But again, you'll be disappointed to find that I only started a GoFundMe page and whined on the internet like any responsible 24-year-old would do instead. [The GoFundMe is a lie, but I'm not above monetary donations]

Instead, I only placed the order for our client and shed a single, silent tear while doing so. I think I'm becoming an adult, guys. And its kind of freaking me out. 

I did buy something in the past month that I am super proud of though - not just because its gorgeous and completely my style - but because I found a 9 x 7' rug for $100 dollars. Yeah, you read that right. One-hundred big ones for a sweet magenta and navy rug with a trellis-evil-eye-inspired design. Now that I'm writing the description, I think thats why maybe it was on sale... 

Nevertheless, I love it. And I love the price. And I actually bought something affordable. But don't get too excited... it still wasn't a rational decision. My friend shot me a message a few weeks ago, asking me about where to find rugs that won't also cost you your arm, or your leg or a ticket to outer space. My go-to for rugs has always been I can't remember how I stumbled on to the website, but I have never once looked back. The first time I found it, I felt like I was in Oz - magically plucked into the wonderful and weird world of decent and moderately priced rugs. There is also free shipping (always), free returns (always) and even munchkins too (meaning, me). 

I was perusing through the website for her in case anything that fit her style caught my attention and of course, I found something for myself. I had been wanting a rug to go under my dining table, but it was always just at the bottom of the very lengthy "I NEED" list, behind lower-sitting barstools and a $1,500 painting that I, of course, needed too. But when Cupid strikes, you can't resist the love-at-first-sight feeling and you just have to click "product details" to learn more about the newfound object of your affection. (Side note: I hope my boyfriend isn't upset that I'm speaking more romantically about a rug than I've ever divulged about him on here... He should know what he's getting himself into by now though, right?) Regardless, I learned that not only was the rug the perfect size for the dining table, but it was also 75% off and a grand total of $100 - which is unheard of for rugs that size. I mean, it NEVER happens for brand new rugs. So I took a sip from my wine glass, clicked the purchase button and chalked it up to being "basically free". Putting the word "basically" in front of most anything makes it sound automatically reasonable. 

So there you have it. I bought something I could actually afford, I didn't break anything in the past two weeks, and I also hosted my baby brother in town for the weekend without boring him to tears. It's like I'm basically an adult. Basically.